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Service dogs

Rember my last blog post when I talked about dogs being helpful? Well for this post I'm going to get more into detail about that. Those dogs who help people are called service dogs. There also dogs who help the police, but we'll talk about working dogs later. Service dogs can service the blind, deaf, and many more like emotional support. But you have to train a dog to be a service dog first. A service dog and a service dog in training can go everywhere to as long as it has the official vest so you don't have to worry about not having your service dog around. FUN FACT: a dog that helps the blind is called a guide dog. Guide dog in action Here's a cool video about a guide dog:

Kill shelters and puppy mills

picture of a puppy mill I love dogs with all my heart. I know how helpful they can be, I know how they can help the deaf and blind. And I also know they can be great just as regular companions and how you can grow an everlasting friendship with them, but the problem is there are so many dogs out there without homes and there are kill shelters that kill dogs in the span of two days! There are also places called puppy mills that force dogs to have puppies and sell them, and most of them have diseases. Puppy mills also just get the dogs for the money. They don't care about the dog's health or if they're even fed enough. Just remember to always adopt dogs at shelters or from considerate breeders because there are tons of dogs waiting for you there. FUN FACT: in some states, they even made puppy mills illegal.

Hypoallergenic dogs

        Time for you to learn about HYPOALLERGENIC DOGS This dog is hypoallergenic, which means it doesn't shed. So people who are allergic to dogs can have them. This is a story of how the first hypoallergenic cross-mix dog breed was created, a woman This is my dog, Oliver.  He's a shichon. A hypoallergenic crossbreed needed a guide dog, but her husband is allergic to dogs, so she decided to mix a poodle with a lab since a poodle doesn't shed and a lab is a good guide dog. This dog is now called a Labradoodle It's very important to know the talents and benefits of the dogs you are going to cross and how they will mix or else it might turn out to be a complete disaster. The woman was smart, she knew the pros and cons of each dog so she knew it would turn out to be a hypoallergenic dog. So that is the story of the first crossbreed, hypoallergenic dog breed. Pretty interesting, right? Here's a website that can help you find the perfect dog i