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Dogs are Incredibly Intelligent and Amazing

Dog in agility competition Here's a cool video of dogs in a n agility competition if you want to watch, just click the link: Dogs can do amazing things like did you know that before any humans went to space, dogs were the first living beings to go to space and back and come back alive. They also compete in very challenging competitions like agility competitions, surfing, flyball, and frisbee competitions. Sometimes human sports are turned into dog sports. For example, there's a puppy bowl instead of a super bowl and thousands of people come to watch the dogs compete in challenging competitions. As you can see dogs are much more accomplished than you think.                                     

Working dogs

Police officer training a police dog. On my last blog, we talked about service dogs. Now we're going to talk about working dogs. Working dogs work, some work for police officers and some even help scare away birds in a landing zone for helicopters and planes. In places where there are endangered animal species dog smell animal poop to locate endangered species and save them. Some dogs catch people   who kill animals that are illegal to kill, those people are called poachers, they also sometimes  help  soldiers   fi ght wars. So now you can see that when people say I don't know what I'll do without dogs in the world they actually mean it. Without dogs, we might not of have caught dozens of criminals, some animals could be extinct, and we might not of won wars! You know dogs can do more than just cuddle.