Mutts vs Purebred

Remember in my first blog post I talked about crossbreeds/mutts, well we're getting back to that now. First I wanted to talk about how some people discriminate mutts because they think purebreds are better. Some people also think they're are unhealthier, sometimes that's true, but sometimes a dog's health all depends on how they're treated before or after they're adopted. If anything a lot of purebreds are unhealthy because if you haven't noticed, puppy mills sell purebreds more often since they're smart and they know they'll sell better. So technically a lot of unhealthy dogs are purebred, but if you look on the other side the majority of abandoned dogs are mutts and it's unhealthy for them if they're abandoned in a bad place. but almost 100% of the time they are abandoned at a kill shelter or on the side of a road so that's not that big of an if because it happens like A LOT. So please if you decide to get a dog, don't jump straight to the purebred, try to give the mutts a try, too, I did and my dog is like the BEST DOG EVER!
Here's a website that can show that purebreds and mutts are exactly the same:
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