"Dangerous" Dogs

Sure, some dogs can land you in the hospital, but you shouldn't judge them. For example, my friends have and had pit bulls and the only memories they have of them are good (except when they go to the bathroom in the house) and they're one of the most dangerous breeds of dog. I think all dogs deserve a second chance, I'm saying this from experience, the first time I got bit by a dog it was also a dangerous dog and it bled, but now that breed is one of my favorites. It's kind of like if a dog had social problems or is unhealthy, it all depends on their past, it all depends if they are trained to attack humans or if they experienced trauma when they were a puppy, so please, don't be too quick to judge a pit bull or any other breed of dog based on what someone told you or your past experience with them. For instance, A Dog's Way Home is based on a law that Denver, Colorado passed that said pit bulls are not allowed because of an attack that happened on a child, but I think that Bella is the sweetest dog ever. It's sad it took some time for the police officers to realize that, too.

INTERESTING FACT: The number of dog attacks is raising, my guess is because more people are realizing that they can use these dogs to hurt people and start dog fighting rings.
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A pet pit bull with baby


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